The Wilders

The Tribe

Meet The Tribe, six loveable animal characters, who all live together in The Wilders Wood.


The European Red Squirrel, recognized for its vibrant russet fur and tufted ears, is a native rodent in UK woodlands. Enchanting with agile, acrobatic antics, this species captivates onlookers, highlighting its natural charm and adaptability within the diverse ecosystems it inhabits. A delightful addition to any woodland setting.


The European Bison, also known as the wisent, gracefully roams Europe’s pristine landscapes, symbolising strength and resilience in conservation success. Once on the brink of extinction, this majestic creature has made a remarkable recovery, embodying the triumph of concerted efforts to preserve and protect our natural heritage. Explore its inspiring conservation journey here.


The Eurasian Brown Bear, a wilderness emblem, freely roams Europe’s expansive forests and mountainous realms, embodying strength and playing a vital role in ecological balance. Revered for its majestic presence, this species serves as a guardian of the diverse ecosystems it inhabits, ensuring the harmony of nature.


The Eurasian Grey Wolf, a majestic predator, gracefully traverses diverse European landscapes, symbolizing untamed wilderness. Playing a vital role, this enigmatic species maintains delicate ecosystem harmony, showcasing the intrinsic link between the wolf and its natural habitat.


The Eurasian Sea Eagle, adorned with an imposing wingspan and distinctive white tail feathers, soars majestically above coastal landscapes, embodying the grace and power of this magnificent raptor. As a symbol of freedom and mastery of the skies, it captivates with its awe-inspiring presence and aerial prowess, making it a remarkable spectacle in the natural world.


The Eurasian Beaver, recognised as a diligent aquatic architect, actively shapes its habitat by constructing intricate dams and lodges along waterways. Consequently, it enhances the ecological richness of European wetlands. This industrious species plays a vital role in fostering biodiversity and exemplifies nature’s balance within the diverse ecosystems it inhabits.